HOTEL Kyocera

Gests Rooms

Scenic views from the various 328 guest rooms look out over the sprawling natural beauty of the Kagoshima region. Our guest rooms simultaneously present you with the comfort of your own home and the relaxation of a luxury hotel. Gentle white and ivory interior design and refined décor provide a true resort experience.

328 rooms

245 non-smoking rooms

Internet access

All rooms equipped with Internet access (wireless and cord).
All rooms also equipped with Video-On-Demand systems.

Air purifier

All rooms are equipped with an air-purification system with added humidifier so you can relax in a comfortable indoor environment.


Simple yet sophisticated single rooms are equipped with a wide semi-double bed and writing desk the perfect space for business trips.


Either for business or vacation, our adaptable twin rooms present you with an open atmosphere for your resort experience in Kirishima. Furthermore, wide-type twin rooms are also available for three people.


Suites offer the grand view of Kagoshima’s symbolic Mt. Sakurajima. The suite’s atmosphere exudes the highest quality, granting a respite from daily life and allowing you to relax in mind and body.

Suites are comprised of a guest room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and jacuzzi (royal suite room only)